Property Management Services

Why trust Meridien Realty to manage your investment property?
Meridien Realty have established themselves as experts in the field of property management in the Hills area. Since our inception we have grown exponentially and during this time we have gained the local knowledge and expertise required to professional manage a large portfolio of investment properties. We offer a detailed range of services to our landlords, and always go the extra mile to make property ownership hassle-free.

We have an experienced team who can capably assess your property and offer advice on its potential in the current rental market, which is ever changing. We won't over value your property in an attempt to win your business, which can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction after the property fails to attract a tenant.  We do promise you will receive detailed and accurate information, using comparable rentals in the area, to make an informed decision on how best to price your property.

We will market utilizing a professional photographer and copywriter to present the property in the best possible light. It will appear on all major real estate websites, receiving maximum exposure. We treat all properties equally, whether they are sales or rental homes, across any budget. We believe our marketing is superior to our competitors because we put time and effort into all our listings and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Once we select the best quality tenant at the highest market rental we take our job of looking after your property very seriously. We know our job involves so much more than simply collecting the rent.  In fact our philosophy is to look after your property as if it were our own.  We ensure that your property is maintained in excellent condition and to do this we conduct routine inspections to make sure it is being adequately cared for. Our property management will issue a written report detailing the condition of your home after every inspection and will provide advice on how to maintain the property in a manner that will maximise your rental return and the long term value of your asset.

At Meridien Realty we pride ourselves in offering prompt, professional and personalized service to all our landlords at all times.

Call us to find out how we can assist in managing your real estate assets.

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